Month: July 2016

07/31/2016 / Banjo

LIMITATION-It is one of the best tools for your practicing that you can use. Instead of being overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities of things to do, notes to choose, rhythms to employ choose a…

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07/27/2016 / Gigs
07/27/2016 / Banjo
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07/18/2016 / Lessons

Your mind/brain is like a supercomputer. If you leave it on all the time eventually it will break down. The Geek Squad may not be able to help you when it does either. In todays…

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07/17/2016 / Uncategorized

More information is not necessarily better information, nor does it lead to knowledge. I strongly believe one thing that keeps people from learning these days is they buy too many books, look at too many…

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