Month: January 2017

01/31/2017 / Banjo
01/31/2017 / Banjo

Farewell Blues Banjo TAB Arrangement.  This version contains the melody and one common variation on the C7 chord.  It is geared for Intermediate plus players. A slow video walkthrough of the arrangement detailing left and right hand fingerings plus the…

01/31/2017 / Banjo
01/27/2017 / Banjo

So you play the banjo but aren’t drawn to the really fast bluegrass songs?  I’ve had many people come in as banjo students say that same thing to me.  The incredible speed that a lot of bluegrass music is played at can…

01/23/2017 / Jamming

Overwhelmed with how many songs there are and don’t know where to start?  This list will help. Where you start is extremely important because if you start on a song that is too difficult it can be discouraging.  In addition, some…

01/18/2017 / Banjo