About Jody Hughes



Jody has been performing, teaching and composing for 20 years. He currently maintains a schedule of over 20 students a week. He has played for artists such as Jim Lauderdale, Randy Kohrs, and Alan Munde.

He is an in demand Solo performer (guitar and banjo) throughout the southeast.  Jody plays banjo with his own trio, the Chuck Nation band,  as well as in the Banjo+Cello duo called Bow N’ Banjo.

The highlights of his career include performing on the stages of Carnegie Hall, Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Merlefest, and the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  His musical studies and interests range from bluegrass, jazz, classical to the unique rhythms of Latin America and Cuba.  These multitude of sounds inspire his original compositions.  Awards won include-2006 Merlefest Banjo Competition Winner, Three Time Winner of the Georgia State Flatpick Guitar/Banjo Contest

Performing specialities include Private events, weddings and corporate dinners.  However, if you are looking for something unique-like a banjo player that can Sight-Read your latest composition, a musician that can help you arrange or produce your original songs (giving it new life with interesting hooks and chords) or someone to help you with the business side of music then look no further, I am here to help.

Skillsets for Performing and Teaching: Functional/Non-Functional Harmony, Sight Reading (Treble/Bass Clefs), Basic Sight Singing (Solfege), Ear Training and Learning songs quickly by Ear, Rhythmic Studies and Reading (Polyrhythms/Odd-meters), Composition Techniques-tonal and 21st century methods such as bitonality/whole-tone scales, Roman Numeral Method (sometimes referred to as the Nashville Numbering System), basic healthy singing technique, stretching and exercises for maintaining healthy hands/body for musicians.

Training:I studied Music Theory and Jazz Improvisation under nationally acclaimed pianist Kevin Bales for five years. Studying improvisation as a guitarist under a pianist provided me with a unique outlook for all of my music studies.  I took vocal lessons under Tricia Grey for 8 months, learning how to mix chest and head voices using healthy singing techniques.  As a teenager I studied banjo for two years under Dan Acheson.