About Jody



I’ve performed, taught and composed for over 23 years. I currently maintain a schedule of over 20 students a week. In addition to playing as a solo artist, I also perform with the Chuck Nation bluegrass band,  as well as in the Banjo+Cello duo called Bow N’ Banjo.

I consider myself fortunate that throughout my career I have played onstage at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Merlefest, and the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

Why am I different than the typical banjo player? Or the typical musician?
My background and interests range from bluegrass, jazz, classical to the unique rhythms of Latin America and Cuba. My extensive training in a variety of musical systems has given me knowledge of both the formal and aural/traditional systems. Just a few topics I’m knowledgable about:

Correct Posture and Mechanics, Nashville Numbering system, Bluegrass and Old-time Music Vocabulary and repertoire, Compositional Techniques from classical music, Advanced Rhythmic and Harmonic Devices from jazz, ear training, sight reading and basic sight-singing as well.

Awards won include-2006 Merlefest Banjo Competition Winner, Three Time Winner of the Georgia State Flatpick Guitar and Banjo Contest

Musical Training:I studied Music Theory and Jazz Improvisation under nationally acclaimed pianist Kevin Bales for five years. Studying improvisation as a guitarist under a pianist provided me with a unique outlook for all of my music studies.  As a teenager I studied banjo for two years under Dan Acheson. I also took vocal lessons under Tricia Grey for 8 months, learning how to mix chest and head voices using healthy singing techniques.