Banjo Chord Strategies part I:Too many Chords, Not enough Time!

So, you bought a banjo and now are faced with the inevitable decision of where to begin.

I’m sure you’ve already discovered that there are hundreds and hundreds of chords.  So rather than get overwhelmed, let’s get right to the chase and show you EXACTLY what chords to begin.

Here is my list of 8 chords every beginning banjo student needs to begin working towards learning









Sure, there are LOTS more but with those eight under your belt you can get ready to play a great deal of the standard banjo repertoire.

After you learn your basic shapes my advice is to throw away those fold out/insert chord charts and prepare to never need them again.  I’m going to show you how to work your chords faster and better than any chart could ever show you.

In my next episode I will show you HOW to practice them, it will involve making connections from one to the other.  However, I will use some methods you won’t find anywhere else in the banjo education market.  See you soon!


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