Banjo Lesson-Five foot two part one

Banjo Lesson for “Five Foot Two.”  This is geared for the beginner-intermediate to intermediate player.  Here is the recording/video:

I first learned this song off an Allen Shelton recording many years ago.  “Five foot two” is an old popular song from the 1920’s.

Below is the chord chart.  Pay close attention to the form.  It is AABA, meaning you repeat the first section twice, then the second section and then back to the A section.

This song is harmonically more challenging than your average bluegrass song, it contains a total of five chords.  These chords are called SECONDARY DOMINANTS for those that wish to learn more about them.  I tell my students an easy way to remember the order is they spell the word BEAD…

CLICK BELOW WHEN YOU ARE READY FOR PART TWO (THE CHORUS):  You are well on your way to having another song under your belt!

Five foot two-part two

If you have any questions about the material be sure to contact me and let me know; I’m here to help on the banjo journey.

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