Blackberry Blossom for Banjo-Improvisation followed by a discussion on concepts used.

I’ve recently began doing live streams on various topics.  This past week I chose the tune “Blackberry Blossom” and just improvised on it for awhile.  A total of 12 minutes to be exact.  Many times my practice sessions begin like this, taking a song and going through various ideas.  A lot of this was just made up on the spot and unrehearsed.

After the demonstration there is a brief discussion about how I approach improvisation.  Reducing a melody down to it’s bare essentials.  I’m a Huge fan of reducing my thinking during improvisation.  You don’t want to think about every single note; you want to think about the important ones.  Not every note is created equal at all times.

Blackberry Blossom is one of those tunes you will find in every bluegrass jam across America.  I highly recommend learning if you don’t already know it.

BlackberryBlossom from Jody Hughes on Vimeo.


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