Bridge Review-Gary Sosebee “Red Maple”

When I got my Gibson Earl Scruggs model in 2006 it came with a Grover bridge. I had it setup professionally by Mark Bramlett and he installed a Gary Sosebee Cottonmill Bridge. The bridge made a big difference; however, for some reason it wasn’t “perfect” to my ears yet. I liked the banjo but it was still missing something, I thought maybe it just needed to be played in. I preface that by saying I’m extremely hard to please when it comes to instruments.

Two weeks ago I was talking to Gary and he mentioned a new bridge he was making. A soft or Red maple bridge. The wood is slightly softer than your standard hard maple that is used on most bridges. Gary gave me one to try. I put this new bridge on and could not believe my ears.

The note separation went through the roof and the bass response was now perfect.

If you play a maple banjo or an instrument that’s bright and you want to increase the bass response, these bridges are the real deal. I’m not given to tinkering and I’m skeptical of new banjo products, but in this case I’m SOLD.

You can purchase the bridge from my good friends at


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