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12/13/2018 / Banjo

Here is the Warmup and Free Improvisation from my latest Live Stream.  This largely moves from D to C.    

11/29/2018 / Banjo

The TAB to “Take me home, Country Roads” has now been uploaded to Sheet Music Plus for Purchase.  It can be found here.  Verse, Chorus and Bridge is included. Once again, left-hand fingerings are color coded as needed.

11/21/2018 / Banjo

I recently began a Jazz Banjo Class here: So far I’ve covered the Bebop Scale, Using it within Minor 3rds, and Min7th chords. Some of these videos are from my old youtube channel. About 24 minutes worth of material at…

11/01/2018 / Banjo

I have about an hours worth of videos in my Beginner Banjo Course now up on Skillshare.  Most of these are new; however, there are two that used to be on my youtube channel. The direct link is found here:…

10/28/2018 / Banjo
08/10/2018 / Banjo

For my third skillshare class I’m demonstrating how to use the Free Notation Software, Musescore. Musescore is my go to software for daily composing or writing banjo/guitar tabs.  Best of all Musescore is Free and Open Sourced with a team…