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08/27/2016 / Banjo

Here is my latest Original Banjo Composition.  Photos from Ruby Falls near Chattanooga, GA.  Inspired by modern classical and jazz music.    

08/18/2016 / Banjo

If you are obsessed with a metronome and want to practice with one, instead of practicing with it on say 90 or 130 bpm, put it on 40 BPM to where it clicks once per measure and try to stay…

08/15/2016 / Banjo

In my quest to improve I’m constantly revisiting Rhythm. Inside one measure of 4/4 one can imply all kinds of other “time signatures.” Properly subdividing the beat can lead to an improved rhythmic awareness. Did you know you can imply…

07/31/2016 / Banjo

LIMITATION-It is one of the best tools for your practicing that you can use. Instead of being overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities of things to do, notes to choose, rhythms to employ choose a very small number (say three)…

07/27/2016 / Banjo
07/09/2016 / Banjo