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What could be wrong with your practice time? Are your practice sessions preparing you for real life jam situations? Are your practice sessions failing to address the necessary skills required to play songs you’ve never heard- Can you show up at a jam and follow…


Erica and I recently recorded this song for a local filmmaker.  It’s one of Erica’s original songs (I just added the chords :P).  Banjo plus Cello Duo. It’s entitled Sweet Peaches


When someone asks, “Should I get a Music Degree?”, 95% of the time I say “No.” The other 5% of the ones I say yes to are those obsessed with music, want to do nothing else, and most specifically those seeking a job in academia.…


I’ve decided that graphs are a great way to show someone how to improve their music. If you were to plot notes versus time, would you end up with something that looks chaotic with absolutely no pattern? What would the shape of the music look…