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06/09/2019 / Banjo
08/10/2018 / Banjo

For my third skillshare class I’m demonstrating how to use the Free Notation Software, Musescore. Musescore is my go to software for daily composing or writing banjo/guitar tabs.  Best of all Musescore is Free and Open Sourced with a team…

07/30/2018 / Banjo
07/13/2018 / Banjo

Want to become a better improviser? Regardless of the instrument? Are your solos going nowhere and don’t know how to get to that next level? Well I’ve created an ongoing course called “Improvisation Insights” that’s available on and…

02/13/2017 / Banjo
02/09/2017 / Banjo

Are you counting beats or memorizing chord changes?  Are you unable to hear when the chords change? These are common problems the beginner faces and I faced the same challenges when I was learning.  The greater your ability to hear…