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05/25/2019 / Banjo
05/25/2019 / Banjo

In this video I talk a little bit about my Romero Banjo How to practice? How do you stay motivated with music?  

01/20/2019 / Lessons

Come join in my beginner banjo course here.  I cover rolls, teach a few songs, how to play out of chord shapes.  I’m up to an hour and twenty minutes of material. I’m making an effort to try to update…

12/07/2018 / Banjo
09/09/2018 / Lessons

I just added an update to my Improvisation Insights Course on Teachable: This time I list all the various ways to create variations. First up is How to add pickup notes. Without the ability to add pickup notes to…

07/13/2018 / Banjo

Want to become a better improviser? Regardless of the instrument? Are your solos going nowhere and don’t know how to get to that next level? Well I’ve created an ongoing course called “Improvisation Insights” that’s available on and…