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08/29/2017 / Banjo

Leonardo Da Vinci studied the laws of science and nature; anatomy, botany, mathematics, amongst many other things. In the same way that intensive studying didn’t somehow ruin his artistic capabilities, learning basic music theory won’t…

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08/22/2017 / Banjo

I’ve decided that graphs are a great way to show someone how to improve their music. If you were to plot the notes versus time, would you end up with something that looks chaotic with…

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02/13/2017 / Banjo
02/06/2017 / Banjo
01/23/2017 / Jamming

Overwhelmed with how many songs there are and don’t know where to start?  This list will help. Where you start is extremely important because if you start on a song that is too difficult it…

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01/15/2017 / Banjo

Here is a list of twenty-seven banjo players that every banjo student should listen to.  As you listen, decide the players and styles that appeal to you the most.  This list is heavily weighted towards…

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