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05/21/2019 / Banjo

I just updated my teaching school website with “Salty Dog Blues.” Here is the link: Salty-Dog-Blues-Teaching-Video In this video I go over the melody to “Salty Dog Blues” as well as the chord positions.  This includes a pdf of the…

11/22/2018 / Play by ear

EAR TRAINING One thing I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile is developing my own ear training system.  I see it every day on forums, how do I train my ears? Sometimes people answer with, remember this song if you…

09/09/2018 / Lessons

I just added an update to my Improvisation Insights Course on Teachable: This time I list all the various ways to create variations. First up is How to add pickup notes. Without the ability to add pickup notes to…

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