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03/13/2018 / Uncategorized

Most people at one time or another start to ponder the question, “What is the purpose of life?” It’s a question that many have tried to answer, books both secular and religious have been written…

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12/26/2017 / Uncategorized

For the last 5 months I have been devoting the majority of my energies towards composing, not only for banjo for a variety of instruments. Right now a few things in the works: 1)A solo…

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12/22/2017 / Banjo

Not everyone should be a Music PERFORMER One of the downfalls of modern music is it revolves too much around performing.  Everyone sees another musician playing and suddenly thinks they should become a performer as…

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12/11/2017 / Uncategorized

What is Form? Form is the frame or outline of the song. It entails the following: 1)How many sections does the song have? For example, does it have a verse and a chorus? 2)How many…

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09/18/2017 / Uncategorized

I recently got back from a two week tour of China and Mongolia with the High Lonesome Mass Choral Production. I had a fantastic time, it was quite the cultural experience.  Groups from Mexico, Russia,…

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