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My Personal Links:


Jody Hughes You Tube Channel


My Friends and Influences in Music:

The maker of my custom open-back banjo.  Jason Romero:

One of my favorite artists I’ve worked with:

My teacher and mentor, jazz pianist.  I studied with Kevin for a number of years, he has been one of my biggest musical inspirations.

Dr. Bob has solved many of my ailments, not your average chiropractor.  Years ago I developed ulnar nerve entrapment (finger went numb), a few visits to Bob and it was gone, and never came back.

Louis at Atlanta Feldenkrais can help you move in a more natural way that helps prevents injuries no matter your occupation.  She taught me a lot about how to move with my instrument to help me keep on playing.

Doug is my composition teacher.  He is a wonderful, understanding teacher that helps you work through any problems you encounter with your writing.

This is a great place to go to hear and research fiddle tunes, I’ve spent many hours here:

My musical partner in Bow N’ Banjo, Erica Ransbottom, contact her for your cello needs

Website for our Bow N Banjo Project with my wife: