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06/09/2019 / Banjo
05/29/2019 / Banjo

Part I of my Inspirational Banjo Series is now live.  Here is the performance: This arrangement was created with the intermediate banjo player in mind.  Basic knowledge of G, C and D chords up to the 9th fret assumed.  I…

05/25/2019 / Banjo
05/25/2019 / Banjo

In this video I talk a little bit about my Romero Banjo How to practice? How do you stay motivated with music?  

05/21/2019 / Banjo

I just updated my teaching school website with “Salty Dog Blues.” Here is the link: Salty-Dog-Blues-Teaching-Video In this video I go over the melody to “Salty Dog Blues” as well as the chord positions.  This includes a pdf of the…

05/09/2019 / Uncategorized

What have I been up to? I looked and the last post I did on here was January of this year. Sorry, that I haven’t been more active; life’s been busy. The first half of the year was pretty slow…