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12/16/2015 / Uncategorized

A video on how to practice your rolls.  Dynamics/Volume is often overlooked. Timing/Tone/Effortless are the goals. Watch here:

12/04/2015 / Banjo

A video demonstrating how to take a simple melody such as a nursery rhyme or hymn and play it in chords (sometimes deemed “Chord Melody”  

12/02/2015 / Banjo

This is the first in a series of blogs and videos about improvising: Improvising is an often misunderstood word in the world of music.  I would like to clear up some of those misunderstandings in this series of instructionals: I…

11/30/2015 / Banjo
02/10/2015 / Banjo

We will discuss the usage of the pentatonic scale and how to properly apply it for the correct effect: First off, A pentatonic scale is a FIVE note scale.  “Penta” meaning five. A major Pentatonic Scale consists of the notes of…

01/31/2015 / Banjo

Here is a preview of some Solo Jazz Banjo Things I have in the works.  The Standard “All The Things” followed by the Jobim song “Corcovado”.  The full arrangements contain multiple key changes and improvisations. This explores the use of…