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06/30/2013 / Banjo

Beginners are often not made aware of group intricacies early enough in the learning process. I have actually received students that took lessons from other instructors that have been playing almost a year and do…

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06/30/2013 / Gigs

The following will serve as examples of what NOT to do while on stage and how to protect yourself from damage:1)Do not EVER stand on a stool that only has slightly enough surface area to…

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05/24/2013 / Left hand
03/17/2013 / Play by ear

Before practicing, one must take an honest look at one’s playing and find the areas that need improvement. Making the improvement and staying on the path to progress isn’t always easy. It’s not as simple…

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12/16/2012 / Lessons
11/29/2012 / Lessons

The Musical Alphabet is notated using letters.This alphabet consists of the letters A through G. There are no notes named H, I, and so on. Once you get to G, it starts back at A.…

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