Most people at one time or another start to ponder the question, “What is the purpose of life?”

It’s a question that many have tried to answer, books both secular and religious have been written about it for thousands of years.

I certainly won’t pretend to know the answer to the question or tell another to believe as I.  However, I do believe that what i’m about to share is a portion that I always come back to in my quiet moments.

I think one of the purposes of life is to CREATE.

What does it mean to create?

It means to bring into existence, through one’s action, cause to be.

In the fields of art this extends to painting, sculpture, a piece of music or choreography.

In sports this is a broken record or it’s as simple as a personal best.

In the area of business perhaps it’s that latest product that everyone needs.

To create isn’t reserved for only masterpieces, to create involves the simple as well as the complex.  The small and the large.

Let us not forget that there are also those that create some really horrific things in this world.  Things that actually end up destroying another persons life.

When people search for purpose really part of what they are searching for is trying to find the thing that can or are meant to create.  The thing to give their mental and physical energy into that they can look at and say “I created that.”

I think on the deeper levels this is why music is often such a great thing for a person.  The fruit of their labors is visible so to speak.

So, as you go about your daily life think about what you are creating? How are you creating? What can you do to create more?  What’s getting in the way of your creating?

Haven’t found that “thing” that you feel as if you were meant to create? Get out there and try as many things as you can.





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