Fundamental Bebop (Intermediate level)

Standard Dominant 7th Arpeggios are built on the 1-3-5-7 tones. In the Key of C, the V7 chord is G7. It’s corresponding arpeggio is made of the notes

1 3 5 7

In Bebop music, they quite often played off the “higher extensions” of the chords
These arpeggios are built off of the 3-5-7-9-11 (#11 sometimes)-13 tones.

The “higher extension” Arpeggios are used as devices to create melodies and improvise over the ii-V7 chord progression

Each of the arpeggios below fit a G7 chord

3-5-7-9 or B-D-F-A

5-7-9-11 or D-F-A-C

7-9-11-13 F-A-C-E

I highly recommend doing this in all 12 keys.
So, let’s look at the arpeggios in another key

In the key of G, the V7 chord is D7

so once again

3-5-7-9 is F# A C E
5-7-9-11 is A C E G
7-9-11-13 is C E G B

These will fit a D7 chord (and an A minor chord, but that’s for another lesson 😛 :P)

You will find these all throughout players music like Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie/John Coltrane/Bud Powell/


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