Get Rolling: Basic Rolling Backup

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A 25 page E-book containing everything you need to begin playing Rolling Banjo Backup in the key of G. Have you ever bought one of those books that are two hundred pages, filled with licks, contain endless roll patterns, and all you ended up was confused? No more, you only need a few things learned well and the ability to apply them to a variety of situations.  I show you exactly how to apply each pattern for the G, C and D chords.  Two patterns for each chord plus two transition patterns is the material we work with.

This book is geared for beginners and those new to the concept of Banjo Rolling Backup.  

In this Ebook you get:
  1. A few simple but effective patterns given via TAB to play over the G, C and D chords that function as Rolling Backup accompaniment so you can play along with others.
  2. How to connect the G to C and G to D chord changes with two transition patterns, I explain how "connectors" are created.
  3. The foundation that most pros are using in Rolling Backup, don't worry it's not hard or complicated.
  4. Audio Examples of all patterns, some multi-speed
  5. "Lonesome Road Blues" and "Nine Pound Hammer" are used as examples for roll-based backup application.  Two backup variations on each song are given.  Slow and Up to speed. When we are done you can take the information and apply it to any song.
If you have never worked on Rolling Backup before or you're lost with the too much information approach, this will take you through it step-by-step in an easy to follow manner. This ebook launches in March, if you want to know when the book is available for purchase please fill out the form at the bottom and click notify. A Preview: