Long time No speak

What have I been up to?

I looked and the last post I did on here was January of this year. Sorry, that I haven’t been more active; life’s been busy.

The first half of the year was pretty slow with gigs but March it started getting busy with weddings and performances of the High Lonesome Mass. I got a new car in February,
my old Ford F-150 I gave to my parents with 263K miles on the odometer and it still runs.

Last week I did a gig for a fundraiser/Porsche club in Hiawassee, GA. The week before I had a lovely solo wedding performance at a private cabin in Ellijay, GA. The bride and groom came all the way from IRELAND!!
I of course got married in April of last year and am currently closer to the city of Atlanta. My wife and I have a condo there with two cats (Sid and Ellie). Sid and Ellie are my daily entertainment.

Musically I was spending most of my time on composing. I just finished up a piece for baritone voice and piano based on a Percy Shelley Poem. Almost done with a piece for English Horn and String Quartet. I’ve also been studying orchestration.
I’m back to working on my setup here at the new place to make some new teaching videos. So stay tuned for that.

In June I am scheduled to go to Argentina with the Chuck Nation Band, performing as part of the High Lonesome band. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

I’ve been diving into some other hobbies lately-reading lots of science/math books (Chemistry was my degree!) as well as doing some stock trading.
I’ve always been into data analysis and statistics so seems like the perfect mish mash of ideas.

I’d love to hear from old friends or students….or if you just have a question about music hit me up on here through my contact/email.

I’ll try to stay in touch with these posts to prove I’m still alive.


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