My Music

Below you will find a sampling of my music.

The Path, Inevitable and Simple Needs are banjo originals that I wrote, Tammy is an old standard.  Solo Jazz Guitar Sampler contains “Corcovado” and “My Romance”, this closely resembles what you might hear me play at a wedding or business dinner.  Between my bluegrass, jazz and popular repertoires I have around 1000 songs in my repertoire.  In addition, I have written about thirty songs which I will be uploading gradually.


  1. The Path by Jody Hughes Jody Hughes 2:31
  2. TamE by Jody Hughes Jody Hughes 2:04
  3. Solo Jazz GuitarSampler 3:16
  4. Inevitable by Jody Hughes 2:01
  5. Simple Needs by Jody Hughes Jody Hughes 2:45

The tracks Inevitable and Simple Needs can be purchased here in the Tablature area as an mp3 or at my bandcamp site found here, I greatly appreciate the support.