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I recently got back from a two week tour of China and Mongolia with the High Lonesome Mass Choral Production.

I had a fantastic time, it was quite the cultural experience.  Groups from Mexico, Russia, Portugal, China amongst others were represented.  We already have some exciting things planned for 2018 with the music.

For the last four months or so I’ve been devoting a lot of time to composing, working on counterpoint, as well as learning how to use string libraries such as Cinematic Studio Strings and other virtual instruments.

The MIDI technology these days has came a long way, getting us closer to being able to emulate real instruments with the computer.  I find this is a wonderful way to put down ideas with instruments that I don’t have quick access to.  When it comes to composing counterpoint and overlaying melodies I find this ability is vital.  It also allows me to try instrument combinations to see what works best.

I’ve got quite a lot of sounds that I’m trying to mold, some sort of hodge podge of Renaissance Counterpoint approach, odd-meters, Classical longer forms amongst other things.

I can’t wait to get some things released.

Lots of new things on the way soon as well as a new book consisting of Seven Variations on “Cripple Creek.”  This book will be for the beginner-intermediate student who is looking to expand their technical abilities.  It will not only contain the TAB but performance notes as well.  Look for the release here within the next week.  It is finished, just have to put up the soundfiles now.

Stay Tuned for more


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