Online Banjo Lessons

Online banjo, guitar, theory, and improvisation lessons are offered via ZOOM. We’ve offered these lessons for over 10 years with great success.  I’ve had students in Canada/Thailand/Australia/U.K/U.S.A.  I even have students that live less than an hour away from me that simply prefer the online lessons to the commute.

Equipment required:

  • webcam
  • paypal or venmo account
  • Zoom Account
  • Good internet connection

Perhaps you don’t have an instructor nearby, or perhaps your local instructor is more of a guitar player who dabbles in banjo and you need a better quality of instruction? In that case, online lessons are PERFECT for you.

I teach the following:

Banjo-Scruggs/Bluegrass, Melodic-Style, Single-String, Beginning to Advanced

Guitar-Solo Guitar Arranging, Jazz Guitar (from swing to bebop), Chord-Melody, Flatpick Bluegrass Material, Fiddle Tunes.

Songwriting-I teach songwriters how to use harmonies/arranging techniques to make their songs even more interesting.  We also work on rhythms, dynamics, etc. For instrumentalists, I show you ways to compose your own instrumentals, drawing from a wide variety of music.

Theory-I studied 5 years with a jazz pianist so I have an extensive background in functional and non-functional harmony.  Chord theory, Scales, Modes, Advanced Rhythmic Devices, Sight-Reading, Basic Sight-Singing, etc.

If you pay per month; lessons are $75 per hour lesson or $37.50 per 30 minute lesson.


A 12 LESSON PACK is $360; this is for 12 THIRTY MINUTE LESSONS.  (This breaks down to $60 per hour and a savings of $15 per hour)

ALL 12 PACK LESSON PURCHASES MUST BE USED WITHIN A FOUR MONTH PERIOD OF TIME. No Refunds will be given if the 12 lessons are not completed within that period of time.  These Offers are only valid with students taking lessons Every Week, not every other week.

Also, be sure to review my Lesson Policies found under “Lessons” on my website located here, by signing up you are accepting that you have read these policies:

Lesson Policies