Online Banjo and Guitar Lessons

Online Lessons anywhere in the World

I’ve taught online banjo, guitar and music lessons via SKYPE and Zoom for over ten years.

Online Lessons are particularly useful in the case of those that live in remote areas or areas that an instructor cannot be found.  Not to mention, sometimes you can find a more qualified instructor online than at your local music store.

Many people are hesitant to take lessons online because they fear it won’t be like having an in-person lesson or it won’t be as effective.

Provided that you practice consistently and are self-motivated, online lessons work just as good as in-person lessons.  I’ve actually had in-person students switch over to online because of commute times.

A decent internet connection, webcam and an account with Skype or ZOOM is all that is needed.  ZOOM offers the advantage that it allows one to record the lesson.

Things I teach online:

Bluegrass Banjo-Scruggs Style, Melodics, Single-String, Improvising, Chord Theory

Jazz Guitar-Solo Fingerstyle guitar arranging, Improvisation (Bebop to Modal material)

Chord Theory, Reharmonization techniques-I have an advanced understanding of chord harmonies so I can help develop that part of your skills.  Functional Harmony to Non-Functional 21st century material

Songwriting/Arranging techniques for singers and instrumentalists-I am not a lyricist so that part I cannot help you with; however, I can help your songs sound better and I can offer a lot of insight into new approaches.  Songwriters often hire me to help arrange their songs and get them ready for the studio.

Sight Reading-Treble, bass, and alto clef

Ear Training exercises-This involves Transcribing, singing notes, playing songs in multiple keys as well as other techniques.

Career advice to upcoming musicians, Advice and insight for those preparing for contests.

If you are interested in online Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar or Music lessons contact me here and let’s get started making you a better banjo player!


I work with students all over the world from California to Australia, I’ve even had students in Thailand.



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