Online Banjo Videos, Banjo TABS and Gospel Banjo Book

Online Banjo Videos and Gospel Banjo

In case you haven’t noticed there are lots of new developments here in regards to instructional materials.  Some new offerings-Banjo TABS, Online Banjo Lesson Videos, as well as e-books.

Banjo TABS-these are of course located up top and are easy to find.  They are now organized via category.  The TABS are all done using Tabledit, in PDF format.  However, one new updated feature is where applicable I’m putting the melody notes highlighted in a different color in the TAB.  This is so beginners have a good idea of what notes to emphasize and bring out.  At the same time, some TABS are almost all melody notes so those I don’t highlight.  Most of the TABS are not done like this, simply the newer ones, you’ll see a note next to the ones that are.  As I get time, I will go back and update older ones and put a note next to them as well.

Online Banjo Lesson Videos-My big goal here within the next year is to have an archive of video lessons covering things from songs, Beginner Concepts (Rolls/How to Practice Rolls/What are Rolls), Scales and then for the more advanced student things like Chord Extensions, Jazz Improvisation, Advanced Single-String/Melodic Techniques.  I also would like to do a course on creating Solo Arrangements (sometimes called Chord-Melody)

Currently, I only have a couple Song Lessons up, these are located here:

Teaching Videos

Teachable is a great website with a great reputation, in the future this is where all of my videos go.

Gospel Banjo E-Book-My plan is in April to release a Book of 10 Gospel Banjo arrangements.  This is geared for the intermediate+ student.  This features songs like Come Thou Fount, Down to The River, Leaning On The Everlasting Arms, Nothing but the Blood, and more.  It comes with Audio of arrangements played slow and up to tempo where applicable.  All of the Details of Gospel Banjo: Hymns and Inspirational Music is located here:

Here is a preview of some of the arrangments inside the book:

“Down To The River” (plus Teaching Preview)

“Shall We Gather at the river”



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I am a full-time banjo and acoustic guitar teacher, performer and composer. I have performed on the stages of Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry and The Ryman Auditorium. My interests include developing educational materials for the advancing banjoist and composing Original Music mixing my background in Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical and Latin Music.

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