I can add professional quality Banjo, Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin tracks to your album remotely.
If you need one song or if you need a whole album of material please don’t hesitate to contact me for rates.
I also offer arranging services to singer-songwriters that have written songs but have not created the chords and arrangements.
Equipment Setup
  • Computer: Imac
  • Software: Logic Pro X
  • Preamp/Interface: Apogee Duet
  • Microphone List:
    • Shure SM-57’s (2)
    • BeyerDynamic MC-930 Stereo Matched Pair (2)
    • Shure KSM-27 Condensor Mic
  • Recording Room Acoustically Treated with GIK 242 Acoustic Panels (6), GIK GridDiffiusers (4)
  • KRK Rokit Studio Monitors
Instrument List
  • 1978 Gibson RB-250 banjo
  • 2004 Gibson Earl Scruggs banjo
  • 2013 Jason Romero Custom 12 inch Openback banjo
  • 1974 Alvarez F-style mandolin
  • 2004 Martin Golden Era D-18 acoustic guitar
  • Kramer Focus 7000 electric bass

If you are looking for someone to play on a recording at a physical location, my rates begin at $100 for one song, with a $200 minimum.  Remote recording done at my place is of course cheaper, inquire for rates.

Just a few Albums I’ve played on:

Kim Deal’s (Pixie Fame) Solo project, banjo (2016)

Beneath The Tennessee Moon-Chuck Nation Band, banjo (2016)

Tour De Banjo-Charles Wood, I played guitar on all instrumental songs (2006)

Saskatchewan Nation-Dean Balkwill (2014)

Potential Disney Cartoon Soundcheck with Engineer Tom Tapley (2012)

Strange Glass House-Lily of the Suburbs, acoustic/original singer-songwriter (2009)

90 Proof Lullabies-The Southern Gothic (2008)

Pardoned-Luke Gibson, played banjo for this southern gospel album (2006)