I do offer some of my banjo tabs for sale. These are all done with the TablEdit computer program and sold in PDF format.  These TABS include right and left hand fingerings where applicable.  To hear these arrangements please visit my Youtube page located here:

Check back regularly for my expanding library of banjo tabs. Don’t see the song you are looking for? Contact me for a quote.






Teaching Courses

I currently have two videos teaching “Farewell Blues” and “Whiskey Before Breakfast:Intermediate Melodic” available for purchase.  They each run approximately 10 minutes, are filmed in HD, recorded with a high quality condenser microphone.  The video includes the TAB as well as a slow right and left-hand walk through of each arrangement.

To Purchase Video Instruction Go Here

Music Files

mp3 format

Simple Needs-written because I wanted to write something “Simple”, to the point that the first/lower part is largely playable with two fingers.

Inevitable-written while playing around with the key of B without a capo; somehow, it turned into a minorish theme with the fifth string tuned to F#


On March 20th I’m releasing my first ever E-book entitled “Get Rolling: Basic Rolling Backup“, a preview of the cover and what to expect is here:

Get Rolling