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01/20/2019 / Lessons

Come join in my beginner banjo course here.  I cover rolls, teach a few songs, how to play out of chord shapes.  I’m up to an hour and twenty minutes of material. I’m making an effort to try to update…

12/21/2016 / Banjo

Here is latest Original Banjo Piece from Hughes Music.  This one is entitled “Pentalum”, I originally conceived of this by the desire to write a bluegrass tune in 5/4.  It later became an exploration of polyrhythms and attempts to phrase…

07/27/2016 / Banjo
07/09/2016 / Banjo
12/04/2015 / Banjo

A video demonstrating how to take a simple melody such as a nursery rhyme or hymn and play it in chords (sometimes deemed “Chord Melody”