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05/29/2019 / Banjo

Part I of my Inspirational Banjo Series is now live.  Here is the performance: This arrangement was created with the intermediate banjo player in mind.  Basic knowledge of G, C and D chords up to the 9th fret assumed.  I…

05/25/2019 / Banjo
12/13/2018 / Banjo

Here is the Warmup and Free Improvisation from my latest Live Stream.  This largely moves from D to C.    

12/07/2018 / Banjo
11/29/2018 / Banjo

The TAB to “Take me home, Country Roads” is now available at Sheet Music Plus for Purchase.  It can be found here.  Verse, Chorus and Bridge is included. Once again, left-hand fingerings are color coded as needed. This TAB is…

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