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For the last 5 months I have been devoting the majority of my energies towards composing, not only for banjo for a variety of instruments.

Right now a few things in the works:

1)A solo marimba piece that I hope to complete at some point. I really like the instrument although I don’t play it.

2)Numerous ensemble pieces-these range from film music, piano ballads, to classical pieces.

3)I’m redoing some of my solo banjo works and adding other instruments to them, you can view “Simple Needs” on youtube for a sample of this.  I’m very excited about the possibilities of mixing banjo with non-traditional ensembles and it’s use in orchestration.

I must say I’ve been studying music a long-time and spent a lot of time on a variety of topics/genres but trying to become a composer is perhaps the single most difficult thing I’ve ever done.  At least to be a well-trained composer with all of the necessary skills (harmony/sight-singing/learning orchestration/reading multiple clefs/studying scores/writing/studying longer forms/surveying musical styles/learning basic production&mockup).  It’s an hours everyday process with a great deal of tenacity and focus required.  Staying the course as it’s all bringing me one step closer to my musical visions.





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