Why do you need a Music teacher?

1)Feedback-One thing a book, video or forum posting won’t do is give you immediate feedback.

2)Motivation-Sometimes the lessons can serve as motivation.  If the extent of your lesson is a youtube video whenever you feel like it or get in the mood, then it’s not going to provide much motivation.  It’s hard to put into words but a great teacher has a wonderful way of motivating you through his or her own passion

3)A clear plan-A good teacher can provide you with a plan, drastically cutting into the time it takes to learn things it would otherwise take years to learn.  Once again, even if the knowledge you seek is out there for free on youtube or in a book, you will first have to know exactly what it is you need to work on and then know exactly where to look for it.  Not to mention be able to know it when you see it, which is honestly tough to do if you don’t already have the knowledge.  There is A LOT out there that is misleading.

4)Networking-sometimes a teacher in addition to providing you with skills can also help your career along.  They will refer you for a job, gig, or in some cases for more advanced students-a new student of your own.

5)Accountability-More seriously, do you want to fail your teacher?  Do you want to show up week after week having not practiced?  Sometimes people need a teacher to bring accountability to their practice habits.

6)A teacher many times can share in your own frustrations as a learner because they too once were on the beginner’s path.  Your family might just see a guy that sounds bad, that can’t play and not understand, hey it takes awhile before a person can play.  You need someone on your side.

7)Investment-once again, many times people fail to get anywhere with an instrument because they haven’t made any investment in the skill.  As the old saying goes, money talks, if you are plopping down $50 a week for a lesson or whatever then you are going to be more apt to practice that instrument each week.  Without any investment in your schedule or financially you are more apt to quit.

8)Don’t tell yourself, “I can do this by myself, I will be self-taught, I don’t need a teacher.”  Without giving a history lesson I will just say LOTS of great musicians had teachers, in fact most of them.  You are most likely doing yourself a great disservice by trying to go at it alone.  Music is more involved than a weekend home improvement project or food recipe you’ve never done.



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I am a full-time banjo and acoustic guitar teacher, performer and composer. I have performed on the stages of Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry and The Ryman Auditorium. My interests include developing educational materials for the advancing banjoist and composing Original Music mixing my background in Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical and Latin Music.

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