Musician Career Tips-Be On Time!

In my latest youtube video, I discuss the #1 thing a musician can do to make sure they get hired again and again.  Be on Time.  It seems simple; however, many people don’t 100% understand what is meant by showing up on time.  Showing up on time isn’t showing up ten minutes before start time.  It means arriving with enough time that no one has to worry about you. Arriving with enough time to feel relaxed and ready to play your best.

Here’s the video with details:

If you show up an hour early for the job, you’ll see a great sigh of relief from the event/wedding planners and everyone involved. 

Why not make your FIRST impression the BEST impression?

Never show up late, ever.  If you mess up this one key thing, it’s highly likely they will never hire you again.  Assume no second chances.

If all the hosts have ever worked with are musicians that shown up just in the nick of time, you’ll set yourself apart by arriving an hour early. They’ll  remember the musician that went out of their way to be there on time when they need someone for their big day.

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