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I recently began a series of PERFORMANCE videos on youtube where I play themes from popular movies. These songs include themes from Marvel Suerperho Movies, Netflix Shoes, Disney Movies and more.

I currently have three up with more to come here soon.

The first one I uploaded was the DAREDEVIL THEME from the Netflix Series. This is one of my favorite shows on Netflix, great characters. I also thought the theme would work well on the banjo because there are lots of arpeggios. The song is in C minor and only consists of a few chords, trying to keep all of the parts going was the major challenge. I used dropped C tuning on this one. Here is the Daredevil theme, Man without picks:

The second theme I did was Pixar’s TOY STORY theme, “You’ve got a friend in me.” This theme was pretty challenging to arrange, I kept it in the original key of Eb and used some walking bass lines here and there to round out the sound. The song has a very interesting form whereby it changes slightly as it goes on. I hope Buzz Lightyear and Woody enjoy it!

The last Marvel Superhero theme I’ve done is The Doctor Strange theme. This was a BLAST to arrange. The theme moves through many harmonic areas and a variety of tempos/feels. The new Doctor Strange movie is scheduled to be released here soon. I chose to use my Gibson Earl Scruggs Banjo on this one as I felt it needed a brighter sound.

If you have a favorite movie theme you’d like to hear covered, let me know and maybe I will add it to the list.

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