Starting Late is Better than Not Starting

It’s OKAY to be a late starter. What’s not okay is the desire to start but never starting. You only get this life once, do you REALLY want to be 80 years old and look back on your life and wonder, could I have learned to______, I always wanted to. I have another hobby outside of music that I didn’t begin until later in my life. Despite practicing a lot I’ve thought I’ll never be as good as this little twirp over here that’s been doing this since he was 8. A statement like that is probably a true statement but you can’t let it stop you, what matters is you can be better than the person that never began at all, you can be better at it than you were a year ago.
Do I wished I would have started earlier? Yes, most definitely. However, if I was 50 years old and just starting, I’m guessing I would be content to have started in my 30’s. It’s all in perspective. Don’t forget-there is most likely somebody somewhere starting later than you (I’ve had 80 year old students…they have been such an inspiration to me!)

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