Does 10K Hours equal Mastery?

Is there something impeding your progress? Is there a reason you aren’t seeing the success you would like?  Does 10K Hours equal mastery? In this video I attempt to explain why you may not be succeeding.


First and foremost, you have to make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes over and over.  You may not be able to judge this or may not have the required knowledge to critique yourself properly.  You need a Feedback Mechanism.  Feedback Mechanisms can be a teacher, coach, audio and video recordings or just a musician friend.

Does 10K Hours equal mastery? No, it does not and in the video I explain why.  Doing the same things over and over for 10K hours does not necessarily make them better.  The QUALITY has to be there before the QUANTITY.  You have to work on very specific things to improve.  I give the example of lifting a weight.  If all you do is lift 100 pounds, you will never be able to lift 200 pounds or 300 pounds and so forth.  You have to increase the weight, check your form, do all the necessary things to get to the goal.

Many people are not reaching their goals simply because they are doing the same things over and over.  The same input equals the same results.

Do you want to Succeed? I can certainly help you with that.  Contact me and I’ll coach you through your mistakes and help you solve them.  Teach you what to watch for, what to do to overcome them.

You have been stuck in the same place for too long with your music, let’s get to work.

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