Bells of St Mary’s for Banjo

My latest banjo arrangement up is “Bells of St Mary’s.”  This song has always been a favorite of mine, I used to play it in contest many years ago.

This version is for those between beginner and intermediate.  If you have a basic knowledge of forward/forward-reverse rolls along with some major/minor chord shapes you won’t find it to terribly difficult.  I wrote this up from the version I heard Bing Crosby sing, I basically used all of the chords from that arrangement with just a few exceptions.  Most banjo players play this song different; I wanted to be closer to the movie version/original.

The TAB can be found on my website here, this TAB features melody notes highlighted in yellow.

If you would like the VIDEO and the TAB, please visit here:

This is the first of my videos to feature onscreen TABs.


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