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Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online

Over the last 15 years, I’ve taught hundreds of people in my Online Acoustic Guitar lessons. Maybe the guy at your local music store doesn’t teach what you’d like to learn, or maybe it’s simply not working out for you?  I know, I’ve been there, I had a bad guitar teacher when I was a kid, and in some ways it took me years of time to undo some of the things I was taught and learn what people are actually doing on the recordings.

Let’s make sure you don’t form any bad habits or waste time going down some path you don’t need to go down. 

A bit about me-I specialize in acoustic guitar (no electric or rock material) and teach both flatpick and fingerstyle guitar.  The styles I teach include, but aren’t limited to-jazz, popular, bluegrass, acoustic contemporary. 

Some famous players who I listen to and are representative of what I can help you with:-Doc Watson, David Grier, Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Alan Gogoll, Adrian Legg, and Rick Foster.

My Qualifications

I’m a three-time Georgia State Flatpick Guitar contest winner.  I’ve played guitar on the stages of the Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium.  I studied jazz improvisation under Kevin Bales (world class pianist and educator) for 6 years.  My strengths include harmony/chords/arranging.  

What styles of music do I teach on the guitar?

  • Jazz-Improvisation, Arpeggios, Repertoire, Swing, Hearing Chord Changes, not getting lost in the forms.  The challenge of jazz is keeping your place and not sounding like you are just running scales.
  • Bluegrass-Fiddle Tunes, taking breaks on vocal songs, increasing speed, appropriate backup and rhythm.  One of the challenges of bluegrass guitar is do you learn by licks? Scales? What are people like Tony Rice and Bryan Sutton doing?
  • Popular-Songs you might hear at a wedding or on the radio for $500 Alex :).  There are songs everyone has heard, perhaps you want to play a few tunes for family and friends?
  • Movie Themes/Video Game Music-Superhero music, Love Ballads, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Nintendo, Playstation, and more.  Put the controller down and give me a ring!
  • Contemporary Fingerstyle Acoustic-most anything, but I can’t help you with the percussion, beat on the body of the guitar stuff. 

What techniques can we work on?

  • Chord Melody-Critical for playing Solo guitar and arranging for fingerstyle guitar.
  • Arranging Popular/Jazz tunes for solo guitar
  • Bluegrass or Jazz Improvisation
  • Increasing your musical vocabulary for your songwriting-maybe your songs sound stale, time for some NEW LIFE!
  • Composing/writing your own songs
  • Fingerboard knowledge-Scales/Arpeggios/modes/Chord theory/visualizations
  • Technique-increasing speed, dynamics, tone, and playing with less effort.  Here is where you can waste a lot of time doing things wrong if you aren’t careful.

Some examples of my acoustic guitar playing:

Popular solo guitar arranging

Contemporary Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

This is a song I wrote that will be featured on my Acoustic Guitar EP I’m recording soon.


This is the jazz standard “Stella by Starlight” that moves through multiple key centers.

Let’s get you started on the right path to becoming a serious ACOUSTIC GUITAR PLAYER today.

CONTACT ME NOW and I promise, I’ll open up your guitar abilities, to freely improvise and create the music you’ve always wanted to create.

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