Banjo TABS are in PDF format.  To hear these arrangements please visit my Youtube page located at:

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The TABs are divided into the sections below.  VIDEOS and E-BOOKS are located below the TABS.  Some TABS have instructional VIDEOS available, I’m adding a new video each month.

If you are looking for a TAB to a popular song that is under copyright (Wagon Wheel/Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Country Roads), go here:

Classics and Standards

In this BIG BUNDLE of TABS you are getting 14 songs, basically everything but my Originals and Gospel arrangements.  Styles are mostly 3 fingers but there are some 2 finger styles as well.  Arrangements beginner to intermediate.  Here is the list.  All of these songs…

7 Variations on "Cripple Creek."  These variations are geared for the beginner-intermediate student that's looking to enhance their technique while learning many ways to play this old Classic song.  Often people move away from a song after only knowing one version; meanwhile, a song can…

Banjo TAB of "Bells of St Mary's."  Based off of Bing Crosby's one from the movie of the same name.  This isn't the one banjo players normally play.  TAB is two pages and has highlighted melody notes in yellow, making it easy for you to…

With this Banjo TAB Bundle you get 4 songs in the key of D major or D minor, 5th string tuned to A. Songs included-"Shady Grove", "Midnight Special", "Rubber Dolly", and "Angeline The Baker."

Banjo TAB of "Rubber Dolly" is in the key of D, the 5th string is tuned to A.  This song was later adapted into the famous fiddle tune "Back up and Push." Here is the recording/video:

Banjo TAB of "Midnight Special" in the key of D, 5th string tuned to A.  Made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Leadbelly.

Banjo TAB of "Shady Grove" in the key of Dminor, 5th string tuned to A.  This is an Easy Beginner TAB version.  It comes with two variations. If you want the TAB + Instruction VIDEO go here-

This Banjo TAB of "Nine Pound Hammer" is an Easy TAB version.  It is based more off the earlier old-time versions than the bluegrass version.  Key of G.

Banjo TAB of "The Old Spinning Wheel" first break is in the key of C.  This is by far the most popular TAB on my site. The recording is here:

Gospel Banjo

Banjo arrangement of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing."  This version is in the key of D, 5th string is capo'ed or tuned up to A.  This is for the beginner-intermediate to intermediate student.

This is the banjo TAB only for "Nothing but the blood."  This arrangement is in drop C tuning whereby you have to drop the 4th string to C.  This is part of my Gospel and Inspirational Banjo series.  Look for more arrangements in my Gospel…

This is the banjo TAB only for "Leaning on the everlasting arms."  This is part of my Gospel and Inspirational Banjo series.  Look for more arrangements in my Gospel banjo section on my site similar to this one! If you would like to buy the…

Banjo TAB of "Down To the River to Pray," key of E, no retuning or capo needed.  The same key as the famous "O Brother Where Art Thou" recording.  Intermediate.  If you want the TAB + Video instruction you have to go here: Recording:

Banjo TAB of "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" in the key of D minor.  It is a solo chordal arrangement style with a few basslines.  Intermediate+ students.

Banjo TAB of "Old Time Religion" contains two variations, key of G.  One roll-based one and an intermediate+ solo chordal based one.  Melody notes are highlighted in yellow.

Fiddle Tunes

Here is the banjo tab to Angeline the Baker, up the neck version.  Not to be confused with the easier lower part.

Banjo TAB of "Big Sciota," single-string and melodic-style technique.  Intermediate+ arrangement.  

Banjo TAB of "Whiskey Before Breakfast," key of D, this TAB contains all three versions played on my youtube channel. Lower Single-String, Melodic, High Single-String, 5th tuned to A.  Intermediate version

This Banjo TAB of "Forked Deer" is in the key of D with the 5th string tuned to A.  It's an advanced version that uses lots of melodic-style techniques.  It is sure to be a challenge. Here is the video:

This Banjo TAB of "Bill Cheatum" is a Two-finger Easy Beginner TAB.  Not three-finger style.

This Banjo TAB of "Dixie Hoedown" uses lots of melodic-style techniques in the A section with a more roll-based approach in the B section.  Intermediate+

Original Music

A Banjo TAB bundle of three of my original songs plus two mp3s.  "Falling Glass", "Simple Needs", and "Inevitable."  This also contains the mp3's for Simple Needs and Inevitable.

This Banjo TAB to my original piece "Falling Glass" is the first time through only, aka the melody.  It is for the intermediate student.  It is written in G mixolydian.

Banjo TAB of my original piece "Simple Needs," key of D, 5th string tuned to A.  First break only, aka the melody. Written because I wanted to write something simple; the first part is largely playable with just two-fingers.

This banjo TAB of my original song "Inevitable" uses the fifth string tuned to F#.  It is the 1st variation only, aka the melody. Intermediate+

Old Time

Banjo TAB of "John Greer's Two-step" is largely adapted from Hobart Smith's version. Here is the performance, I used my brand new Romero banjo for this one.   Purchase the TAB by clicking below.

This Banjo TAB of "Cumberland Gap" is in F Tuning (FDGCD).  I largely adapted the first variation from Morgan Sexton's version, the second variation is my own.  Not difficult to play.  Here is the performance, once again on my Romero Banjo.

Teaching Courses

My online teaching courses are hosted at; the link is below.  I currently have four courses up.  Please check it out.  Over the course of the next year I plan to add a new course each month.  You can pay by the course or get them all at once.

Online Teaching Courses


E-books are in PDF Format.  My First Ebook is entitled “Get Rolling: Basic Rolling Backup.”  This book provides you with the basic foundational beginner rolling backup skillsets.  No longer get lost in a book of 100 pages with 50 licks to memorize.  Simple, Straight Forward and geared for beginners.   Assumes basic knowledge about rolls (forward/forward-reverse/alternating thumb) as well as slides.  Features are:                                                                                                                                 
  • 30 pages with audio mp3’s of all examples.  Two backing tracks 
  • Only two patterns to learn for each of the three main chords (G/C/D)
  • Two transition patterns-one for G to C, and G to D
  • Two written out rolling backup variations for the song “Nine Pound Hammer”
  • Two written out rolling backup variations for the song “Lonesome Road Blues”
  • “Mystery Song” with given chords, testing your ability to apply what you learned, backup track included.

Learn Basic Rolling Backup in the key of G for Banjo with this 30 page E-book.  It covers what to play over your G, C, and D chords. Geared for the Beginner. My First Ebook, it's entitled “Get Rolling: Basic Rolling Backup.”  This book provides…

In April I will release my second Ebook entitled “Gospel Banjo:Hymns and Inspirational Music.”  This book is geared for the intermediate player and those who want to play arrangements that sound good solo.  Many chords/basslines/etc are used. The ten songs included are: Come Thou Fount, Shall We Gather at the River, Old Time Religion, Nothing but the Blood, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, and more.  Please sign up on my front page to be notified as soon as it’s available.

Music Files

All music files are in MP3 format

Mp3 to "Inevitable."

Mp3 to "Simple Needs."