Happy Birthday Banjo TAB

Happy Birthday Banjo TAB

Surprise your friend or family member with Happy Birthday on the banjo.  This is a simple easy banjo arrangement for 5-string banjo that you’ll have no troubles playing through.  It’s made for beginner’s; you’ll encounter a bar chord, a full D chord, and mostly two-finger shapes.

Banjo TAB with Happy Birthday

What you get

  • Slow Version that uses chord strumming
  • Faster version using rolls

What does it sound like?

Happy Birthday used to be one of those weird songs that was still under copyright and you had to jump through hoops just to publish some sheet music or perform it.  However, Happy Birthday is now public domain

It turns out it has the same melody as the 19th century song “Good Morning to You.”  However, Warner Bros did it’s thing and said the song was composed in 1935 and collected royalties on it for years (until 2015).  Cool fact-This song has been translated into 18 different languages.

Crazy, but funny story.  When I performed in Inner China, our group consisted of people from dozens of countries.  It was my birthday during the trip; there exists a video of them singing “Happy Birthday” to me in like 6 different languages.