Online Clawhammer Banjo Lessons

We offer online clawhammer banjo lessons in two specific styles.  Namely Celtic music and traditional fiddle tunes.  

If you are looking for lessons in more specific old-time clawhammer styles (Round Peak) or specific old-time players’ arrangements (Wade Ward, Reed Martin, Frank George, Ken Perlman, etc ) those things are not my specialty.  

I greatly prefer working from the melody and building up our arrangements of tunes, rather than someone else’s.  This allows you to learn the material where you are at, versus where someone else was after they had been playing 20 years 🙂

My specialty is traditional American Fiddle tunes plus Celtic Music (Irish, Scottish, and Welsh traditional music).  As you’ll see below, I also do melodic clawhammer banjo.  With melodic banjo, the emphasis is on playing many of the same notes the fiddle plays. This style is quite the challenge for the left-hand.  

What do I teach in my clawhammer banjo lessons?

  1. Basic Bum Ditty Strum Patterns
  2. Chord Positions
  3. Drop Thumb
  4. Fiddle Tunes
  5. Celtic Music
  6. Left-Hand Techniques (pull-offs/slides/more)

Here are some examples of myself playing Clawhammer Banjo:

Traditional Celtic Music Clawhammer Style

Temperance Reel- Melodic Clawhammer Style

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