Above is an example of HOW I teach online- step by step, using rolls and chord shapes!!


Jody gives banjo and guitar lessons to our 8 and 10 year old boys in our home. He’s a great teacher and has a real knack for communicating with them in a way that keeps them motivated. They continue to improve and love practicing as a result.”-Earne
“The lessons that I had with Jody were truly a huge help in learning how to play the banjo. The time that I invested with Jody was well worth it. I progressed so much more in the lessons with Jody compared to me just learning on my own “
Thanks Jody!-William B

My personal guarantee is I’ll save you hours and possibly years on your music journey.  I’ve had students tell me, “I learned more in this one lesson than I did the last four years!”  That’s what I want to hear, I don’t want to see you struggle and waste your precious time.

Lesson Rates

Rates-$75 per hour, $38 per 30 minute lesson.

Online Lessons-see below (discounts may apply)


Online Lessons

I am only teaching ONLINE LESSONS Now and no longer offering in-person lessons.


PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal, Apple Pay, and Venmo

I have students worldwide-Canada/Thailand/England/Australia. For detailed information about Online Lessons visit by clicking on this button:


Lesson Policies

-A Week cancellation notice is required for all lessons.  If cancellation is not given a week before the lesson then the student is responsible for payment of that lesson.  The student is paying for the time slot, that slot is reserved whether the student attends.

-While I do often provide written materials; It is the student’s responsibility to archive lesson material for future reference.  This includes recording video or audio examples as needed.  ZOOM allows recording.

A minimum of 2 lessons per month is required for ALL students.  The only instance I offer one-time lessons is if a student is traveling to Georgia from out of town or during my traveling performing schedule.

-Payment for the entire month of lessons is due at the beginning of the month before the first lesson begins.  The fees for online lessons are in US DOLLARS so if the exchange rate is off it is up to the student to pay the extra fee to equal the proper amount.

-Tune to standard pitch before the lesson.  Tuning takes time away from your lesson.  There are a number of great electronic tuners on the market for less than thirty dollars.


“I have been taking lessons with Jody for almost a year now via Zoom(Skype alternative) and it has been the most gratifying experience. I hesitated taking lessons via a computer but it is so much better than taking a lesson in person from someone in my hometown that is a guitar teacher that also does banjo lessons on the side. His knowledge of music in general is borderline genius. He makes you feel like you are his only student and he caters your lesson to your needs and likes. He also takes the extra steps to help you learn how to actually play the banjo and not just memorize the songs. I highly recommend Jody and if you are computer challenged as I am please don’t let the fact that you don’t live in Atlanta keep you from using Jody. He is the real deal and I feel blessed that I found him and look forward to many more years of lessons with him.

Kelly (online student)

“I have been taking lessons from Jody for close to three years after a string of teachers that didn’t really get what I was after. There is a big difference between memorizing how to play a song and learning how to play music, and Jody has been the only teacher that I have had that focused on learning how to play music. A world class musician, who has a knack for imparting what he knows to others, in a relaxed, constructive way. I have had a great learning experience with him and highly recommend.”

Danny (Online Student)

Past students

Here are just a few of the people I have taught over the years.  Each of these students has performed on a National level.

The Buggays-Judah and Johanna were my student for a number of years:


I gave the Von Greys mandolin, banjo, and guitar lessons; as well as helping them arrange songs for an upcoming recording date.


Jason is a long time friend and student


I have also given private lessons to some bigger “household name” professional acts who are signed to Sony and Atlantic Record Labels whom I choose not to name due to professional reasons.  In summary, my students have gone on to start bands of their own, win instrument contests or are simply more equipped for performances in front of others.