Backup Banjo By Shapes

I believe organizing your Backup Banjo patterns by shape will really help you when it comes to playing great backup.

Banjo Backup Licks by Shape

This material goes with the livestream I did the last week of September 2022. I covered what I call the DIAGONAL and DIAMOND SHAPES. These are moveable major chord shapes that you can base your backup licks around.

This includes TWO tabs, one for each shape. In addition, there are some on these sheets that I didn’t go over during the live stream. However, these are the main ideas I use in my backup playing.

If you are on your way to buy a 100 page book on BANJO BACKUP, stop yourself. You don’t need that much stuff.

These are ideas that I got from J.D Crowe, Earl Scruggs, Allen Shelton, and a few from local players here in Georgia.

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