Beginner Banjo Songbook ~ Three Finger Style

Beginner Banjo song TABS

The Beginner Banjo Songbook includes the following songs:

Man of Constant Sorrow

Cripple Creek

Old Joe Clark

Bill Cheatum (Three finger style)

Cumberland Gap

Lonesome Road Blues

Angeline The Baker


Nine Pound Hammer

Oh! Susanna

Soldier’s Joy

Salty Dog Blues

Oh My Darlin Clementine

Salt Creek

Little Maggie

These are bluegrass jam session favorites.  My goal was to fill the void the pure beginner has when stepping up another level.  These aren’t pure beginner arrangements, but what I would consider a next step after you know your basic rolls, slides, and so forth.   Most of these tunes are in standard tuning, except Angeline The Baker, Soldier’s Joy.

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This songbook doesn’t teach you How to Read TAB or how to fret the instrument.
It’s assumed you know the very basics.
You’ll need to know your basic roll patterns.
You’ll need to know how to read TAB
You’ll need to know how to do slides.

What’s Included?
You’ll get the E-book done in PDF format containing TABS to the songs listed above.
Also included are performance notes for each of the songs.
These TABS have the left and right-hand fingerings notated where needed.
You’ll also get the above link to my YouTube Playlist where I play through the arrangements at a medium pace.

Lastly, you get access to me for ANY questions you might have concerning the material. I’m here to help you on the Banjo Journey!


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