Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer Banjo TAB

This Beautiful Dreamer TAB for 5-string banjo is easy enough for beginners that have been playing a year or so.  It uses closed position chord formations.

I have arranged the song in the key of C.  Please note that this tab to Beautiful Dreamer is in written out in Waltz Time; many versions are written out in 9/8.  However, I thought 3/4 time signature would be easier for student’s to read.

It uses closed position chord formations.  Just a few of the banjo chords you’ll be using include: C, Amin, D major, G, Dminor, and F major.

Yes, the banjo TAB is in digital pdf format and you’ll get it TODAY.

Here is a rough recording

This song was published in 1864 by Stephen Foster.  It is thought to be the last song he wrote, written only a few days before he died.

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