7 Variations on Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek Variations TAB

7 Variations on “Cripple Creek.”  These variations are geared for the beginner-intermediate student that’s looking to enhance their technique while learning many ways to play this old Classic song.  Often people move away from a song after only knowing one version; meanwhile, a song can provide a lifetime of possibilities and adventure.  Some songs I’ve been adding variations too for over 20 years; I never get tired of playing them.

Do you want to be stuck playing a song the same way for 10-20 years?  Let’s help you get Cripple Creek off the ground and to that next level!

In addition to the TAB with fingerings notated, included are performance notes for specific measures in each variation.  Here is a Preview of the included Performance Notes and brief Promo Video

These variations use a variety of techniques and are sure to keep you interested and busy for a bit.

Cripple Creek variations notes
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