Get Rolling: Rolling Backup Book

Learn Basic Rolling Backup in the key of G for Banjo with this 30 page E-book.  It covers what to play over your G, C, and D chords. Geared for the Beginner.

My First Ebook, it’s entitled “Get Rolling: Basic Rolling Backup.”  This book provides you with the basic foundational beginner rolling backup skill sets.  No longer get lost in a book of 100 pages with 50 licks to memorize.  Simple, Straight Forward and geared for beginners.   Assumes basic knowledge about rolls (forward/forward-reverse/alternating thumb) as well as slides.  Features are:                                                                                                                                 
  • 30 pages with audio mp3’s of all examples.  Two backing tracks 
  • Only two patterns to learn for each of the three main chords (G/C/D)
  • Two transition patterns-one for G to C, and G to D
  • Two written out rolling backup variations for the song “Nine Pound Hammer”
  • Two written out rolling backup variations for the song “Lonesome Road Blues”
  • “Mystery Song” with given chords, testing your ability to apply what you learned, backup track included.

table of contents for a banjo book.  Reads, "how to practice, connection chords, and Nine pound hammer"

Jody Written by:

Professional Musician of 27 years. I've played Banjo and Acoustic Guitar on the stages of Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry, and The Ryman Auditorium. I've also played in six different countries.