Banish Misfortune Irish Music Banjo TAB

5-string Banjo TAB for “Banish Misfortune”

Banish Misfortune is a 48 bar jig.  Each section is 8 bars and repeats twice. This tune is a bit different than your standard fiddle tune because it has THREE sections instead of only two.

This 5-string banjo arrangement is intended only for intermediate and above.  It combines single-string and melodic banjo techniques.

It is NOT the exact banjo arrangement as played in the video.  However, it is a new/improved version where I think the fingerings are more efficient and sound better.  Why? The version in the video was somewhat improvised.

Banish Misfortune Banjo Video

Click on image to play in lightbox:

guy in blue shirt playing a banjo under a tree

History about Banish Misfortune Tune

This website has some really interesting things about the tune.  How it has shifted modalities through the years and how there exists multiple versions.

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